Dutch design by Keukenhof

On 23 March 2017, Keukenhof will be opening its gates for the 68th time. When it closes eight weeks later, some 1 million visitors from across the world will have visited the international flower exhibition. Keukenhof now has a hundred flower bulb growers supplying bulbs to the park and five hundred flower growers participating in the flower shows.
The Keukenhof theme for 2017 is “Dutch Design”. Dutch Design is characterized by Dutch sobriety combined with innovative solutions. Famous artists and designers such as Mondriaan and Rietveld, have laid the foundations for Dutch design. Even today, Dutch designers are appreciated worldwide for their in
dustry-leading designs in fashion, graphic design, architecture and furniture design.
Dutch Design
Dutch design is incorporated in the flower bulb mosaic, one of the highlights of the theme year. In addition, the flower shows in the Oranje Nassau Pavilion are entirely in the style of Dutch Design. Two of the inspirational gardens are also dedicated to the theme: the Mondriaan Garden with its primary square color patches will be a great attraction to the international public.
Entrance Keukenhof

After years of preparations, Keukenhof will also make use of the new entrance building this year. A beautiful design by the world-famous architectural firm Mecanoo. Francine Houben, creative director at Mecanoo, will attend the official ceremony.

Keukenhof is open for the public 23 March – 21 May