Green atmosphere

Greenery: not just in terms of colours but also life style. Wallpapers by WallPepper® are a real bundle of the natural trend that goes with the annual, long-awaited Pantone selection for 2017. While the graphics of the Trend-line collection recall the spring awakening, with its blaze of buds and its renewal energy, the support emphasises the idea of a respectful link between the company and the environment. All the images, such as landscapes, plants and vegetation, are printed by WallPepper® on top material composed by textile fibres, agaves and cellulose, PVC free and eco-friendly inks.

La Selva fiorita
The aim of Tropikos line subjects, included in the Trend-Line catalogue 2017, is to celebrate the hottest areas of our Planet: with “Jungle”, “Greenleaves” or “Touke-Touke jungle” your wall becomes an energy burst, with glossy shades and different green nuances.
“La Selva Fiorita”, from Silk Way collection, makes you feel like in an idyllic glade populated by little birds and buds, while “Neo e Post”, from Monochrome line, seems to show a microscopezoom of a leaf.


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