Diverdeinverde: Bologna opens hidden gardens

The fifth edition of Diverdeinverde, the Festival that opens usually inaccessible gardens in Bologna will take place from the 18th to 20th May 2018. The event has seen a growing success of attendance and this year will replicate the same, solid formula: 50 private gardens – located in the historical center, on the hills or valley, which are normally closed to public and that are exceptionally open only for one weekend a year. The most beautiful gardens in the center of Bologna will be open to visitors and everybody will be invited to walk under the charming porticoes of the city, while going from a garden to another, making the most out of the city, discovering beautiful churches, like Santo Stefano or Santa Maria dei Servi and museums like the International Museum of Music and painter Giorgio Morandi home-museum.

Hidden gardens in Bologna have an incredibly varied style, going from classic Italian to romantic English, from “movement” gardens to modern design or completely created and conceived by the same owners. They will surprise visitors also for the quantity of green, which is completely unexpected in a historical center of a medieval city like Bologna. Parks and gardens on the hills are usually located inside villas, with wonderful views on the city, just like gardens in the valley are inside countryside mansions that belonged to important bolognese families, or are located in unexpected places, created by scratch with creativity and passion by the same owners, displaying magnolia collections, zen gardens, sculptures and works of art. Every year Diverdeinverde adds brand new gardens to discover: thanks to an extended network of passionate people and research, it is still possible to find hidden secrets behind walls, arches or gates and owners who are happy to open their private spaces to visitors. In the 2018 edition a new garden with a wide variety of magnolias and oaks will be opened for the first time to the public, together with an artist garden and a secret park inside a 15th century palace, containing a grapevine of more than 100 years. A huge added value to the experience of visiting is given by the warm welcome of owners, who are often there to accompany and guide visitors inside their private gardens, telling stories or fun facts and explaining the creation of the parks. Diverdeinverde program also offers collateral events inside charming locations like concerts, readings, conferences. Some gardens also offer the possibility to eat lunch, so that visitors will be able to dedicate the whole day to the discover of new precious gems. The complete program with a full map of all open gardens and opening times will be available starting from the beginning of May, together with the calendar of events. Access to all gardens requires the purchase of an individual Diverdeinverde Card. Diverdeinverde is organized by Bologna’s Fondazione Villa Ghigi, which has been active for more than 30 years on environmental education.



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