Garden Trials and Trade, a new showcase of innovation

The first edition of Garden Trials and Trade 2018 will guarantee the top innovations in the field of woody plants and perennials. In a short space of time, approximately 30 companies have become part of the new event Garden Trials and Trade 2018, which will be held on 12, 13 and 14 June 2018, in the Plantarium building, in Booskop, in the Netherlands. The range of participants is varied and both national and international. There are 11 companies from the Boskoop region and other participants from all parts of the Netherlands. International participants come from Germany, Switzerland and the US.

Garden Trials and Trade is aimed at all international professionals working in ornamental horticulture and retail. It is interesting for growers to see the latest novelties for the coming year and to gather information on cultivation techniques. Wholesalers and retailers can talk to breeders and get an idea of the trend-setting varieties and concepts for the season to come. The Participants are enthusiastic and at that time, a lot of international visitors are already here for the Flower Trials. In June, a number of novelties will submit for the showcase and also draw to various novelties that will come onto the market in 2020-2021. In Boskoop it will not only present, for example, new varieties of Hydrangea paniculata but also the company’s philosophy. Garden Trials and Trade offers the perfect opportunity for this: attract a different kind of visitor and become a platform on which it’s possible to present  new varieties and company. The website is regularly updated with new information. All participants are providing a short summary of why participation in Garden Trials and Trade is important to them. Entrance is free for trade visitors with the promotional ticket provided and/or digital pre-registration via



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