‘Productive Gardens’ theme for Radicepura Garden Festival 2019

The call for ideas to participate to the Mediterranean garden design Biennale, Radicepura Garden Festival 2019, is launched. Radicepura Garden Festival is the first international event dedicated to Mediterranean garden design and landscape architecture, promoted by the Foundation Radicepura and organized by Piante Faro, and it will involve young designers, institutions, firms, and great protagonists of landscape art and architecture. Sicily is the ideal home for this biennial event concerning Mediterranean gardens: at the foot of Etna, Radicepura aims to enhance the outstanding local botanical features, the climate, the soil and the water, ideal conditions that allow the vegetation to grow more vigorously than elsewhere.

The new theme of Radicepura Garden Festival  for the second edition of the event is “Productive Gardens”. The garden can procure a complete wellbeing, not only producing fruits but also oxygen, biodiversity, scents and feelings, increasing the liveability of spaces and their perception; thus, enhancing places with elements not only able to “beautify them”, but also make them functional in terms of environment and social impact, becoming a fruitful place for the mind and its wellbeing. Starting from this ability of green places to change the perception of spaces and make them more liveable, Radicepura Garden Festival announces the call for ideas 2019, inviting artists, designers, engineers, agronomists and botanists to participate to the second edition of the festival to be held in Giarre from April to October 2019. The international competition is open to under 35 to create 10 gardens, in areas of 30 to 50 square meters, working on the proposed theme. The gardens will be created inside Radicepura, the botanical park situated in Giarre (Catania), between Mount Etna and the Ionic Sea. They will communicate with art works and other gardens created by famous international garden designers. Participants will have the opportunity to choose the plants from Piante Faro greenhouses and cultivations, which means a production of over 800 species and more than 5,000 varieties of exotic, succulent and ornamental plants, rare trees, unique majestic thousand years old specimens. Participation is free of charge and each selected project will have a budget of 10,000 euros between supply of plants and materials to accomplish the task.  The gardens will be judged by an international panel of experts and ten projects will be thus selected to realize the gardens. The deadline to send the applications is the 28th of November 2018. To apply, download the competition from http://www.radicepurafestival.com website.



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