Corfu gardens in a book and open day

The first-ever book on the gardens of Corfu, greenest of the Greek islands, featured by author Rachel Weaving and photographer Marianne Majerus, spans the range from romantic old estates and colourful village gardens to stunning contemporary works by international landscape designers. Portraits of individual gardens show how styles have evolved, influenced by global and mediterranean trends but respecting the local spirit of place and drawing on local craft traditions.

All but one of the twenty-three gardensdepicted are private, so the book is a rare window into a secluded world. They provide a wealth of inspiration for sustainable, drought-resistant gardens in mediterranean climate zones and beyond. The final chapter explores the island’s varied wild landscapes and native plants. For the first time in 2018, several of the gardens were opened during the Open Garden Event on Saturday 22nd September. The general public was able to visit a selection of private gardens around Corfu, with a brochure that lists the open gardens along with a map that will help visitors to plan their tours independently and navigate from one garden to the next. Across the island, about 15 gardens large and small, old and new, contemporary and traditional, will be open to visitors in the first local event of its kind. The event will provide opportunities to share gardening experiences and get ideas on garden design and cultivation, as well as to make new friends among garden enthusiasts you might not otherwise meet.


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