Giardinity: a tribute to Evelina Pisani’s passion for bulbs

From Saturday 23 March to Thursday 25 April 2019, ninety different varieties and colors of bulbs, with feathered, fringed or smooth petals, which mix, in a rainbow of tones, with grass and wild flowers are blooming in the informal garden of the historic Villa Pisani Bolognesi Scalabrin, in Vescovana, in the province of Padua, a few minutes from Rovigo and Ferrara, about half an hour’s drive from Venice, Italy. Every day, Mrs Mariella Bolognesi Scalabrin, owner of the historic Villa opens the gates of the 1800s park (the villa dates back to the 1500s), for the fourth edition of “ Giardinity Primavera – Evelina Pisani’s Bulbs “.

The spectacular flowering, from early to late, of 100.000 Dutch tulips, supplied by the prestigious Dutch company Fred de Meulder Export B.V., which blend, as in an impressionist painting, with the grass and spontaneous flowers of the informal garden of the Villa. To enrich the landscape there will be a “blue path” traced with 20.000 muscari from the inflorescences between the indigo and the blue that will accompany the visitor from the garden to the lawn of the Villa. An exciting show is that of “Giardinity, new Dutch Impressionism” made of lights, colors and fragrances to be lived without haste, savoring the blossoming of nature in spring. The appointment, based on the project of the Dutch landscape architect Jacqueline van der Kloet, is taken care of and enriched with new ideas by the owner and soul of Villa Pisani Bolognesi Scalabrin: “The opening to visits is conditioned by the natural time of tulip flowering, which corresponds to the fixed period, but it is true that even the bulbs follow the climatic conditions. Flowering may therefore be early or late. The climate will establish the best moment to visit and admire the tulips in full beauty in harmony with the wild flowers. It is an advice to choose the best time for visits “. During flowering time it is possible to have free walks among the blooms of tulips mixed with wild flowers, follow a special and guided botanical journey that tells the secret stories of the trees in the park. The Villa Pisani Park, which extends over 10 hectares, is a historic park full of secular and even non-native trees. In 1800 the palace was enriched with a very original garden and a romantic park that were preserved nowadays. Evelina van Millingen Pisani (1831-1900), was born in Constantinople from an english father of flemish origin, educated in London and married to the Venetian patrician Almorò III, the last descendant of the Pisans. The eclectic imprint of the garden is due to the vast cosmopolitan culture of Evelina who mixed, in perfect harmony, the concept of Hortus Floridus by the flemish Crispin van de Passe, the imprint of the Islamic tradition, absorbed in the young years spent in Turkey, the dictate of English landscape architect Sir Reginald Blomfield and the style of the formal Italian garden. The walk is an extraordinary imaginary journey of her spirit and knowledge. It is possible to have guided tours of the Villa and the frescoes and admire the interesting exhibition of traditional vases for cut tulips or bulbs “The creativity of ceramics”, made by Manifattura Ceramiche Dal Prà di Nove (Vicenza), a town renowned for the production of artistic ceramic, where the rich patrimony of artisanal techniques passed from generation to generation and make a place where tradition and artisanal excellence coexist.


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