French Riviera garden festival in full bloom

“Dreams of the Mediterranean” is the theme chosen for the second edition of the Côte d’Azur Garden Festival: an invitation to dream but also to travel, around the Mediterranean, in the world of gardens: creations will be the image of the richness and diversity of the lands of the Mediterranean and will discover a part of the coastline bordered by the big blue. The landscape creations, result of a competition, are visible, until April 28, 2019, in emblematic places of the 5 partner municipalities of Antibes-Juan-les-Pins, Cannes, Grasse, Menton and Nice. In the 2019 edition 15 competing projects (compared to 10 at the 1st edition) and 4 awards (against 3 at the previous edition) were awarded to reward these original works. The “Official Jury Award” was attributed to Sylvère Fournier and his team at Passion Jardin, for their work: “From shore to shore” installed in the Pinède Gould in Antibes-Juan-les-Pins. The garden takes the public on a journey around the Mediterranean, from one bank to another, from North to South, from Provence to Maghreb, a Provencal landscape, lined with olive trees, lavender and dry stones, towards a horizon where the sand dunes, palms and citrus fruits of the African coast coexist.

‘GREEN Deal Award’ went to Giorgio Broccardo, Daniela Donisi, Fabrizio Duca, and Riccardo Bianchi, garden “Throw them to the wind” installed in the Pinède Gould in Antibes-Juan-les-Pins. Their conceptual narrative is an invitation to interpret the Mediterranean Sea as a dream of colors and scents through a journey into the sea of foliage, bark and endemic flowers of the nature of the Provençal-Ligurian arch. An educational and sensory experience that allows visitors to experience the Mediterranean in an ancient way. The ‘Press Jury Award’ was attributed to Marguerite Ribstein and Grégory Cazeaux from the collective Ma.Gy, of “Above the immortal” garden, installed in the heart of the garden Albert 1er in Nice. The dream of the Mediterranean is that of a wild garden, inspired by scrubland environments, which stimulates the five senses and brings to the cities autonomous nature spaces, which harmonizes and balances without the human help. On a swing, an object of dreams and nostalgia, the team embarks the visitor in a singular dreamlike way to experience the conquering garden and pioneer of the Mediterranean, the one that defeats the most hostile environments. The ‘Professional Jury Award’ was attributed to Damien Abel and Thibaut Jeandel, for their creation “The windows of Matisse” installed in the garden of the Villa Rothschild located in Cannes. Dedicated to Henri Matisse, the garden is an invitation to wander in the shade of a Wisteria, through the blue palisades of an imaginary villa. It offers a strong visual and acoustic experience and conditions to daydreaming. Throughout the month of April 2019, the Festival will not end with the visit to the ephemeral gardens, but even continues through events, conference, guided tours made by various municipalities throughout the department.


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