Best Novelty 2019 Garden Trials and Trade: Clematis ‘ST17333’ (Multi Pink)

At the second edition of Garden Trials and Trade, in Boskoop, The Netherlands, held on 11, 12 and 13 June 2019 in the Plantarium building, 26 plants were submitted for the novelty showcase. Ultimately, 19 of these were judged. The novelties are judged by a professional judging committee from the Koninklijke Vereniging voor Boskoopse Culturen (Royal Boskoop Horticultural Society). Clematis ‘ST17333’ (Multi Pink), submitted by Van der Starre from Boskoop, has been voted Best Novelty at Garden Trials and Trade 2019. Clematis ‘ST17333’ (Multi Pink) has a unique combination of flower shape and colour in the popular Clematis genus. It is a mutant plant from the Clematis ‘Hagley Hybrid’ and therefore it is just as strong, healthy and vigorous. According to the KVBC (Royal Boskoop Horticultural Society) jury, it is an excellent and innovative introduction.

Hydrangea macrophylla ‘Hocomagicevo’ (MAGICAL EVOLUTION), submitted by Kolster bv from Boskoop, was also awarded with a gold medal. This exceptional cultivar blooms abundantly, it originated as a mutant of ‘Hokomarevo’ (MAGICAL EVOLUTION) but it has a larger flower that is a deeper shade of pink. The plants are uniform with beautiful, healthy dark green foliage. Besides the two gold medals, the jury also awarded three silver and four bronze medals. The second edition of Garden Trials and Trade was well received. The range of products exhibited in the stands, the novelty showcase and the compact and well-arranged exhibition floor all enhanced the visitor experience. The trade fair was visited by a very international group of trade representatives. Apart from all the major European markets, other visitors noted were from Australia, Canada, USA, Japan, China, and Russia. After receiving feedback from the participants on the second edition, the organizers will be able to start making plans for the third edition together with the board. The event is scheduled to take place from 9 to 11 June 2020 in the Plantarium building.


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