2019 International Garden Festival Awards at Chaumont-sur-Loire

Natural space dedicated to creation, imagination, poetry, and nature, where art dialogues with history and memory of the places, the Regional Domaine de Chaumont-sur-Loire, in the Loire Valley in France, is, with the International Garden Festival, an unmissable event for the presentation of the work of a new generation of landscape architects, scenographers or gardeners. In 28 seasons, nearly 750 gardens have been created, prototypes of the gardens of tomorrow. At the same time, the festival is revitalizing the art of gardens. The 28th edition placed under the theme of “Gardens of Paradise” has enabled teams of designers from around the world to compete with imagination and inventiveness. Creativity and quality of projects will be awarded by the attribution of four prizes.

With the attribution of these awards, the Domain accompanies in their careers the teams of designers, often young and always talented. The jury, composed of artists, landscape architects, journalists, art critics, nurserymen, and gardeners, strives to take into account all aspects of each garden. The prize of the Creation rewards the garden “All strelitzias go to paradise” realized by the Italian designers Stefania Naretto, Chiara Otella and Francesca Cosmai, a work of great visual and conceptual efficiency, at the same time innovative and remarkably vegetated. The Design and Innovative Ideas Award rewards two gardens: “Inhabiting the wall” of the American team of Windy Gay, Justin Tucker, Dallas Myers and Beau Burris, and “The Metamorphosis of Paradise” of designers from Vietnam, Laurent Descamps, Adeline Le Cocq, Mariana Sardoeira, Augustin Descamps, Phuong Nguyen, Pedro Pedalino, Daniel Alonso and Hien Vo. These two teams concretized very different projects in which the plant is sublimated in an original way. The Palette et Plants harmony prize rewards the “Mirage” garden of French designers Benoît Julienne, Aurelle Bontempelli, Eloi Barray and Morgane Le Doze, a garden composed of the exceptional diversity of plants. The Transposable Garden Award rewards “The Solitude garden” by Belgian designers Damien Derouaux and Sven Augusteyns, a work that visitors can learn to create or sublimate their own garden. Two favorites were attributed to “Elixir floral” by French team: Sandrine Tellier and Sophie Kao Arya, and to the garden ‘Magpie’s paradise’ of Dutch designers Carrie Preston, Farhana Rasheed, Enora Elmoznino and Tess Krüs. The jury also wished to award a special mention to the “Garden of hypotheses” of the great landscaper Bernard Lassus, Green Card of this edition.


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