France: partner country of world’s leading horticultural trade fair IPM Essen

IPM ESSEN will take place at Messe Essen from 28 to 31 January 2020. A partner country traditionally accompanies the world’s leading horticultural trade fair. The happenings at the 2020 edition of the trade fair will focus on France. Under the motto “Quality & Innovation. The French Touch!”, the trade visitors will be offered the opportunity to discover innovative new products from top breeders and producers from all over France. A wide range of products cultivated in the most varied climatic conditions in France will be presented. The European country looks back on a long heritage of horticulture and breeding knowledge. IPM ESSEN 2020 will therefore be the ideal forum for demonstrating this performance level, sharing it with others and exchanging ideas about it. The trade visitors can expect a trade fair program in blue, white and red colors.

“France and the French horticultural industry are delighted and honored to present themselves as partners of IPM ESSEN 2020,” says Mikael Mercier, Chairman of VAL’HOR, the French trade organization for the entire national ornamental plant industry. “While IPM ESSEN has undoubtedly developed into the world’s largest platform for ornamental plants, trade and product innovations, it has also become the most important platform for French plant exporters. For more than 30 years, leading French breeders and producers have been exhibitors at IPM ESSEN which makes their international reputations flourish and prosper.” The official opening ceremony of IPM ESSEN taking place on the Tuesday will be an ideal opportunity to celebrate and experience the French way of life with a French guest of honor. French horticulture blooms on a unique diversity of climate zones, soils, landscapes and cultural traditions. Besides the wine, cheese, gastronomy and tourism industries, the French horticultural sector also benefits from this exceptional diversity. Rooted both on a long tradition of breeding, selection and cultivation and on these strong identities of the French regions, the French horticultural sector can provide a wide range of high-quality plants. Some of the best-known and most distinctive plant specialties which the country produces are roses, fruit trees, rhododendrons, camellias, hydrangeas, cyclamens, chrysanthemums, Peruvian lilies and dahlias. Living green has a high value in France. Both the big cities and the small towns are masters at embellishing the cityscape with plants and flowers. They not only promote and develop tourism and the economy but also increase the well-being of the inhabitants. The close cooperation between decision-makers, buyers and the horticultural sector has proven to be a convincing win-win approach in this important sector. The more society deals with climate change, the more aware it becomes of the significance of trees and plants in the big cities all over the world. Cities such as Paris, Lyon, Nantes and Nice are excellent examples of the newly introduced “green advocates” who, today more than ever, are standing up for green spaces, investing in these and thus making their cities more attractive to citizens, investors and visitors.

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