Capitals of Italian Renaissance, Ferrara and Mantua open their secret gardens

During the weekend of 12nd and 13rd of September in Ferrara and 26th and 27th in Mantua, in Italy, visitors will be able to explore dozens of private gardens, kindly opened by their owners: elegant renaissance courts, medieval gardens hidden by high walls with magnificent Centennial trees and arboretum, hidden by ancient manors to people passing by. Exquisite capitals of Italian Renaissance, Ferrara and Mantua safeguard a spectacular heritage of private gardens. A heritage, whom exceptionally, through the cultural event of Interno Verde, will be shared with the community.

Secret islands full of suggestions and memories, by whom it will be possible to know and read about the history, the developments, and the experience of these beautiful cities. The cooperative Ilturco, which created and organized this cultural event, has gathered the availability of families, clubs, and commercial businesses, who for the weekend, will open their doors, allowing the participants of this event to explore the capitols of Estense’s and Gonzaga’s court. The main goal of the promoters is to sensitize the visitors to the respect and valorization of the gardens, giving elements to the community to be able to understand more deeply the space of these green areas visited by participants. One of the other main goals of this event is to encourage visitors coming from other cities to understand more the importance of the past and be more aware of what the present enclose, with its richness and value. During this event, there will be others such as guided visits, photo exposition, screening of documentaries, and short films and workshops for both adults and children will be available. The gardens will be open by 10 to 13 in the morning and 15 until 19 in the afternoon. The ticket is valid for both days. By the registration, the participant will receive the festival’s kit, where are included the wristband (which allows the entry to the gardens), the map of the gardens and the program of the festival. In addition to this kit, the visitors will receive the book with all the photos and historical, architecture and botanical descriptions of the gardens. The descriptions will be also available online. The festival will still be held in every wheater conditions.


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