Discover Luxembourg as a land of roses in a book

A new release from Schortgen Publishers is the book dedicated to the roses and their history in Luxembourg. Published in three languages: English, french and german; roses and rose gardens are one of the Grand Duchy’s best-kept secrets. The book ‘Luxembourg: Land of roses (yesterday’s roses inspiring today’s gardens)’ introduces to the fascinating story of roses. With the collaboration of the association Patrimoine Roses pour le Luxembourg and The Lëtzebuerger Rosefrënn and the support of the Bank of Luxembourg, author Heidi Howcroft has worked with internationally renowned Luxembourg garden photographer Marianne Majerus to document this important contribution to the horticultural world.

Renewed interest amongst rose lovers has led to a revival of this heritage, so old varieties have been rediscovered and new gardens created. For over a hundred years until World War Two Luxembourg rose growers bred over 400 varieties and shipped millions of the finest roses around the world. In the four chapters, the reader discovers how the Luxembourg supplies roses to the world through the three large rose producers: Soupert & Notting, Ketten Brothers and Gemen & Bourg, how was founded the first rosarium in a public space, the renewed interest into the roses legacy, and the roses gardens as public gardens in the city or in private spaces in the over 200 fantastic images by the multi-award-winning photographer about public rose gardens, contemporary rose collections and twelve charming private gardens. The book shows some of the best roses garden as Mondorf-les-Bains Spa Park, the Walferdange rosarium, the rosarium at Munsbach Castle, Mamer Rose Garden, Parc de Merl-Belair or the rose garden in the Park on Gaalgebierg.


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