Nature in the city in its smallest places with a revolutionary bag

Bacsac® was founded in 2008 thanks to the meeting of three visionary Parisians. Two garden design architects deeply involved in the return of nature to the city, Virgile Desurmont and Louis de Fleurieu and a designer, passionate about nature, Godefroy de Virieu. Together they invented an alternative solution to the traditional offerings, a new type of container, supple and light, made from geotextile. Aesthetic objects simple to use, is the fruit of their common vision and their complementary expertise. Designers and landscapers are dreaming of a liberated nature in the city, freed from its weight and space constraints. The original launch collection was made from the same fabric traditionally used in farms and nurseries as mulching canvas; the material lets the soil breath and keeps it healthy. Bacsac® is a weightless and portable bag that follows you everywhere, inside the house, outside on the terrace, the balcony or in the garden.

Wether it is laid down, hung or suspended, large or small, colorful or plain, Bacsac® is designed to cultived the city in its smallest nooks and crannies. This is an alternative solution to the traditional offerings, a new type of container, supple and light, made from geotextile, allowing citizens to discover or rediscover the pleasure of having nature at hand. All the fabric pots, in their geotextile as well as in their Batyline® versions, have a hydrophilic inner lining designed to protect the roots and absorb and release water. BACSAC® fabric pots respect the natural equilibrium between air, water and soil. Available in various models, 10 different colours and a whole range of sizes. Round pots is the flagship model. Easy to use, it simply rests on the floor. Thanks to its very sturdy handles, it’s easy to bring nature along wherever you go. The classic round fabric pots are available in five different sizes and perfect for all kinds of growing needs and many different plants. Hanging pots is a modern version of the metallic framing, our all-in-one solution allows you to strap each pot directly onto any guardrail, banister or fence. Perfectly positioned thanks to a sturdy strap system, you will never need to fear seeing your fabric pots fall down. Hanging baskets is perfect for trailing plants, these very convenient planters come with an adjustable loop that allows them to be hung from just about anything. Is it possible to strap them onto one another to create a wonderfully lush plant column. Thanks to a clever strap system, Stake pots are geotextile fabric pots come complete with convenient stakes for all your climbers. Particularly well suited for vegetables such as tomatoes and beans. Shade pots are an unusual alternative to parasols. They’re a lightweight, convenient system that allows you to hang a sail-like piece of canvas over their top to intimately shade you from the sun rays. The shade pots use the weight of the soil as a ballast, while of course serving as planters for your climbers. The original launch collection from Bacsac was Geotextile collection, nowadays the Batyline collection brought a whole new array of colours to the world. Traditionally used in architecture projects and outdoor furnishing, it’s a highly versatile material that has all the qualities associated. Humus collection is an envelope made out of radically technical felt, offering plants all the protection they need. Its vegetal aspect allows it to melt into any environment. The latest Rainbow collection is the fruit of the recycling of these threads, woven into fine horizontal bands. The assembling of the colours of the weft being random, each Rainbow is a unique piece.


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