A full immersion in the artistic creations of the French Riviera

The 3rd edition of the Festival des Jardins de la Côte d’Azur, France invites the general public to discover its “Artist’s gardens” until the 9th June 2021. Charles Ange Ginésy, President of the Department of the Alpes-Maritimes, and the actress Audrey Fleurot, godmother of the event, presented the prizes for the landscape design competition during the ceremony held in the gardens of the Hôtel du Département des Alpes-Maritimes, in the presence of Jean Mus, landscape architect and spokesperson for the Festival.

A total of 13 landscape creations were in competition this year. They are located in the heart of the most beautiful sites of the department: in Antibes Juan-les-Pins at Pinède Gould, in Cannes in the Garden of Villa Rothschild, in Grasse in the garden of the Villa Fragonard, in Menton in the Biovès gardens, in Nice in the Jardin Albert 1er and, for the first time, in the Principality of Monaco on the terraces of the Casino. Alongside these creations, the Festival also offers the opportunity to discover 11 ephemeral “stand-out” gardens, created by the green space departments of the municipalities of the competition and those of Cap d’Ail, Mandelieu La-Napoule and Saint-Jean-Cap- Ferrat.

As a reminder, each garden presented features an authentic universe with an area of ​​200 m². Each of the gardens gives pride of place to the challenges of sustainable development. These original creations were visited by 3 juries and 7 prizes have been awarded. The “Official Jury Prize” was awarded to Catherine Baas and Christophe Tardy, for “Complantation / Contemplation” installed in Cannes in the garden of Villa Rothschild: the two artists offer a garden in which visitors can stroll in free space, between several temporalities and discover the “complantations” based on the cultural practices of antiquity. The interweaving of plants weaves a protective veil, an intimate space where the public can come and sit on seat sculptures conducive to contemplation.

The “Press Jury Prize” was awarded to Johanna Bonella and Abel Flosi, for their creation “Rendez-vous chez l’Artiste” installed in Menton in the Boviès Gardens. The creators take us on a journey to an artist’s studio, a 3-meter-high plant amphitheater. The artist is absent, gone on the roads in search of inspiration. So nature, always alive, always in motion, awakens. Thus, the garden comes alive and grows. Without supervision, succulents, herbs, climbers and forest plants take the liberty of mingling and intertwining with workshop objects.

The “Professional Jury Prize” was awarded to Johan Picorit and Ambroise Jeanvoine, for “A glimpse of paradise” installed in the heart of the garden of Villa Fragonard in Grasse: the duo offers a monumental painting with the dreamed garden of Douanier Rousseau. The path winds through the mysterious foliage and imposing subjects line the path. Hut and clearing invite to a contemplative journey to distant countries.

The “GREEN Deal Prize” in favor of eco-responsibility was awarded to Elodie Cottar and Marion Hintzy, for their creation “La Fiber Artistique” installed in the heart of the garden of Villa Fragonard in Grasse: the art of fiber is illustrated in this installation like a dance stretched between the work and the artist, the plant and the canvas, the visitor and the garden. Both monumental and confidential, the “Artistic Fiber” garden offers an immersive experience in the process of creating the woven canvas, moving from the real landscape to the artist’s intimate landscape. This introspective walk through density highlights the relationship to time, to the sensitive and to the body, along these threads that do not create any border.

And finally, 3 “artistic” favorites: the official jury awarded to “Folie Folia” located in Cannes, the press jury awarded to “The artistic fiber” located in Grasse and the professional jury awarded to the “Plastic Dancer” garden located in Antibes – Juan-les-Pins.

For the president of the department Charles Ange Ginésy: “It was a great pleasure and a great victory to be by your side today in this magnificent setting on the occasion of the award ceremony for the 3rd edition of the Garden Festival, a competition entirely dedicated aux jardins et aux plantes, which is aimed at lovers of flowers, nature and botany. With all of the Departmental Councilors, we have decided to continue this work to make it a meeting, a biennial with international influence.

For Audrey Fleurot: “I was delighted to have been part of this jury. Throughout these two intense and rich days, I was able to make great encounters and discover the world of gardens of professionals passionate about their profession. I would like to thank the organizer, the Alpes-Maritimes Department, for having thought of me to be the sponsor of this 3rd edition, an attention that touched me a lot. Well done to all of the candidates. I was very happy with this weekend which was very enriching, full of surprises, a beautiful enchanted parenthesis. “



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