Lilies: beautiful varieties for home and garden

Published by Pavillon Books, Naomi Slade’s new contemporary guide features over 50 of the most striking and glamorous lily varieties. Almost impossibly evocative, the lily is a flower with a thousand tales to tell. It is a symbol of sex and passion, of goddesses and virgins. A sign of abundance and purity in the hands of a bride, it can also be torrid, divisive and capricious. It delights in complexity and frequently manages to be several things at once, yet its fabulous fragrance and sybaritic good looks have rendered it iconic across the globe.

The book begins with the history of this flower, from Greek and Roman mythology to the hybridization of today. From the towering and prolific Arabian Knight to the fiery Viva la Vida, and the pink pollen-free Distant Drum to the tall blonde bombshell Yelloween. Illustrated with specially commissioned images by leading floral photographer Georgianna Lane and with engaging commentary throughout, Lilies traces the flower’s fascinating history and development, as well as providing practical tips on how to grow and enjoy lilies at home.
The perfect book for anyone who is after the best bloom for special occasions, outdoor spaces or the most bountiful cut flowers. Naomi Slade is a well-known figure in the world of gardening media, where she writes and broadcasts about horticulture, design, environment and lifestyle. Georgianna Lane is a leading floral, garden and travel photographer whose work has been widely published.


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