A complete guide of all plants for the shadow

The french Ulmer editions have published a very complete guide devoted to classic garden plants but also exotic or surprising, which grow in the shade and embellish these corners deemed ungrateful. In this book, the author Cédric Basset selects and details the plants at the same time the most interesting and robust, especially those that resist in the shade. Cédric Basset is undoubtedly one of the best shade plant specialists in France, which already has signed at Ulmer two successful books Cultiver les plantes de Chine et du Japon and Les nouvelles plantes d’ombre pour le jardin.

Traveling nurseryman, he is now based near the Mont Saint-Michel, where he cultivates this whole range of plants often unseen in France, including those he has reported from his many travels. The book describes nearly 300 species and their varieties, i.e. more than 600 plants described and illustrated by more than 800 photos, part of which is taken from nature as a very detailed inventory of unknown varieties. After the introduction and the chapter about the shadow in practice, the book divides into sections the woody trees and shrubs, the climbing plants and the herbs, perennial and bulbous plants.

The author describes many unknown varieties there, that he himself has sometimes introduced from his travels, and gives pride of place to pretty colored leaves, which reveal their beauty in protected places from the sun. Without forgetting the classic species, it highlights the diversity of incredible plants able to grow with little light and animate the corners often considered “ungrateful” of the garden. The shadow is no longer inevitable, a defect, or a problem, on the contrary, it is an opportunity to cultivate many jewels from temperate forests around the world.



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