Three days to discover the green side of the city Bologna in Italy

The eighth edition of Diverdeinverde, the Festival that opens usually inaccessible gardens of the city and the hillsides in Bologna, Italy will take place from 20th to 22nd May 2022. Once a year, during the second last weekend of May, about sixty private gardens in Bologna are open to the public and this year will feature several parks and gardens in the surrounding areas of the Metropolitan City.

These are often secret gardens not visible from the outside, whose presence can be guessed even only by looking at the map of the historical center on Google or by climbing the Asinelli tower; to enter these hidden places is often a magical experience. So, among the many peculiarities that Bologna has to offer its tourists is also the chance to discover a Bologna that is surprisingly green.

Being welcomed by the owners in their private spaces maintained with great love and care, who generously open these spaces to the public only on this special and unique occasion, is definitely worthy of attention for those who plan a trip to the city. The tourists can walk under the arcades or in the narrow medieval streets of the historical center and combine more interests: moving from one garden to another they can visit some of the most beautiful churches (Santo Stefano and Santa Maria dei Servi), enter in the Music Museum (Museo della Musica) or in what was the home-atelier of the painter Giorgio Morandi.

They will have the chance to discover the gardens of the senatorial palaces, those of the former people’s houses, transformed from places which used to be vegetable gardens and poultry houses up to fifty years ago into green spaces differently revisited according to the owner’s taste, the former conventual gardens and those still in use. Outside the city center, reachable by public transport or by a dedicated shuttle bus, villas, gardens in the hillsides and other unexpected places can also be visited, created by the owners’ passion as collections of magnolias, zen gardens, sculptures and works of art scattered in well-kept spaces.

During the three days, Diverdeinverde also offers some side events like concerts, readings, meetings on the subject in places of charm or in the logistics base of the event. Here you can stop to rest or eat and meet other plant and garden lovers or simply people who are curious about the event in a pleasant environment that allows you not to interrupt the magic of the day visiting the gardens. The complete program with the map of the gardens open to the public as well as the visiting hours of each space and calendar of the collateral events will be available from the end of April. Most of the gardens will be reachable on foot or by public transport.



  1. This is fascinating! I have a friend who has spent a great deal off time in Bologna over the years and loves the city – I don’t think he knows about this tour; I plan to share your article with him.


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