Lilacs’ book: beautiful varieties for home and garden

Published by Pavilion Books, the new guide features over sixty of the most glamorous Lilacs varieties. Glorious, romantic, richly scented and timeless, lilacs are loved by all. Erupting out of hedgerows or sprawling casually around gardens, they are an instantly recognizable highlight of the late spring season. But, despite significant advances in breeding, and the availability of eminently garden-worthy plants, lilacs have found themselves overlooked, sometimes; the fanfare of horticulture saved for roses, clematis, peonies and other flamboyant sources of temptation.

A plant that gives spectacular blooms, lilacs are back in vogue. An easy-going and prolific plant, lilac hails from Eastern Europe and Asia and it is now found all over the world, whenever climate permits. In the book, one chapter is especially dedicated to the history and the botany of lilacs. The genus Syringa fails within Oleacee, which includes other well-known garden plants such as forsythia, jasmine and ash. Lilacs are woody plants and are generally grown as shrubs and small trees. From the delightful blues of President Lincoln to the soft blush of Beauty of Moscow, rich purple Congo and fresh Jeanne d’Arc, these are flowers that will bring drama and sophistication to both home and garden.
Illustrated with bespoke images by leading floral photographer Georgianna Lane and with lively, engaging text from well-known garden expert Naomi Slade, Lilacs traces the history of a plant that has conquered the world, combining a visual feast with practical tips for growing and enjoying the lavish blooms at home.
Naomi Slade is a well-known figure in the world of gardening media, where she writes and broadcasts about horticulture, design, environment and lifestyle. A biologist by training, a naturalist by inclination, and with a lifelong love of plants, she contributes regularly to a wide range of publications.


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