The floral and the outdoor collection of Rubelli textiles

In response to the growing demand for outdoor fabrics, Rubelli, the Italian fabric group, with its family company’s global outlook, the unique culture of style and years of weaving expertise, has expanded its offering including new designs for maximum weather resistance and wear in 2022. The range includes a mix of plain bouclés, tartans and stripes, classic weaves, graphic geometrics, as well as playful patterns and prints. The mix of nudes and neutrals, refined colour combinations, as well as explosive and energetic colours, reference the colours of famous cocktails and evoke a sense of outdoor living and poolside views.

Further investment in technical fibres for outdoor use this year underpin the launch of Rubelli’s largest collection of outdoor fabrics to date, and ongoing research into eco fabrics has led to the development of new yarns made from waste from the Rubelli mill. Made with natural fibre and technical yarns, the new designs offer a variety of styles from classic, contemporary and oriental to floral and fantastical, a versatile collection for furnishing traditional and contemporary spaces.

LUISITA, an Outdoor anti-stain fabric, is an explosion of colours for a large pattern describing a burst of exotic flora. Inside the giant petals and macro leaves are a series of small decorative motifs of various shapes while refined colour combinations are revealed. The ground, always light-coloured in all four versions, further enhances this highly energetic design.

DERBYSHIRE SPRING is inspired by traditional toile de Jouy, a three-century-old type of fabric that still fascinates interior designers and big names in haute couture alike, Derbyshire Spring features plants, flowers, berries and birds, brought to life on a monochrome ground, ideal for lighting up any interior. Available in sepia, red and aqua colour ways.

Inspired by nature, each design tells a different story. Highlights include MAGICO MEXICO – a magical and surrealist interpretation of a Mexican landscape and GULLIVER – extravagant jacquard, a design so rich it looks like embroidery. This design was inspired by a fragment dating back to the 18th century conserved in the historical archives of Fondazione Rubelli. LADY BLOOM is a cotton print, with a floral motif inspired by a fragment of eighteenth-century hand-painted silk, available on four delicate pastel grounds and suitable for drapes and upholstery.

CAMILLA is a contemporary jacquard design created from a photograph taken during a walk in a meadow of chamomile flowers. A geometric motif with a multitude of bright, little flowers that repeat endlessly. Created with demi-shine viscose wefts on an EVO nylon ground. Available in five colourways.

MADAMADORÉ is a floral brocade on a silk ground, characterised by a variety of textures, the preciousness of the yarns and the richness of the details. An all-over pattern but lightweight design, with an intrinsic dynamism and fine scale, one which uses precious yarns for an eighteenth-century pattern with gentle lines. Available in 5 classic tones.

TEA CAT is influenced by a dreamlike natural world, this embroidered cotton satin pattern features rich, stylised flora (classic Chinese repertoire) combined with sweet animals on a pale ground. Available in only one colourway it’s a playful take on chinoiserie with a fairytale-like feel.

DERBY TOILE is a jacquard design taken from a toile de Jouy, typically characterised by a two-tone monochrome pattern on plain ground, here it depicts a highly detailed bucolic hill landscape on a light ground, each of the eight colourways evoking a different seasonal feel.

RIBBON BOUQUET is an Archive Rubelli fabric, brought up to date with colourful backgrounds. I am always drawn to old floral fabrics, but sometimes old colours can appear a little too dull to my eye. Our updated peach and lavender versions on the other hand introduce just the right amount of sugar. The special printing technique, reproducing the weaves of the original design, creates an opulent and three-dimensional effect. Suitable for upholstery.


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