A comprehensive survey of the Spanish landscape designer Fernando Caruncho

Lauded for his extraordinarily sophisticated use of light and geometry in nature, Spanish landscape designer Fernando Caruncho has spent over four decades dazzling the world with his thoughtful and poetic garden designs. Written by Gordon Taylor and Guy Cooper, landscape architects and writers and published by Rizzoli New York, the comprehensive survey, ‘Reflections of Paradise: The gardens of Fernando Caruncho’ offers an insightful and deeply personal look at one of the world’s most acclaimed landscape garden designers.

Fernando Caruncho has been designing gardens for over four decades, but his background is in philosophy. His fascination with pre-Socratic Greek philosophy awakened a deep curiosity about the relationship between man and the natural world, which translated itself into a preoccupation with garden design. In 1979 Caruncho established his own landscape design studio. His first work, accomplished at the age of twenty-one, was a house in Madrid featured in Vogue Decoration. Since then, Caruncho Studio has designed countless high-profile gardens across the globe, ranging from private homes and expansive agricultural estates to public spaces.

Like the gardens he creates, the beautiful book is twenty years in the making and showcases a selection of twenty-one international projects—ranging from private residences to large agricultural estates and public spaces—including a vineyard in Italy, a private garden in Normandy, France, and an expansive estate in New Jersey—all chosen by Caruncho to give readers a glimpse at his creative thought process through inspirational images, ephemera, and scale models images.

His sources of inspiration are as diverse as Islamic gardens, Zen, and European humanism, and the control of light, geometrical scale, connection with the landscape, and use of local materials are key principles of his design approach.

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