Discovering the extraordinary trees of France in one book

Published by the french editor Belles Balades éditions, the bookRendez-vous avec les arbres extraordinaires de France’ discovers the most beautiful trees in France, and experience a real encounter in the field. More than 100 trees, centenarians, giants, or unusual, tell a story, challenge the forces of nature, and encourage contemplation. The reader has an appointment with the thousand-year-old olive tree of Roquebrune-Cap-Martin, the cedars of Moissac, in the middle of a cloister, the cypress of the pond of Boulieu. Trees grown near a chapel lost in the depths of Limousin or a stone’s throw from Tours Cathedral; in the heart of a Jura forest or in the city of Nantes, allow the readers to revisit the beautiful country of France, going where nobody might never have gone.

Since 1994, the association A.R.B.R.E.S. brings together enthusiasts and eminent scientists around common objectives: to inventory, preserve and make known this incredible inheritance; because it is indeed a natural and historical heritage that is in question and that it must to safeguard. In 2000, the “Remarkable Tree of France” label was created, awarded to municipalities and private owners who undertake, through an agreement, to preserve the extraordinary tree they own. Since then, more than 500 labels have been awarded by association, often celebrated, as it should be, by a party or a friendly ceremony. The work of inventory is not finished and it seems inexhaustible.
The author, Georges Feterman, President of the A.R.B.R.E.S. association, works to save remarkable trees and has explored all regions of France. He accompanies you with passion thanks to this enriched edition of his reference work: Extraordinary trees of France. An invitation to travel as close as possible to nature to be preserved.

A lifetime of man would not suffice to grasp all the diversity and richness of the landscapes of France. Georges Feterman devotes nevertheless to it. Wonder hunter, a collector of landscape oddities, this associate professor of natural sciences has ended up accumulating an immense knowledge that he generously dispenses as an author, guide, and speaker.
Beyond the quality of the images and the text, the book is divided by several chapters dedicated to: Giants, Venerables, Patriarchs, Historical, Artist, Traditional, Exotics, Unusual Tree. For each tree, coordinates GPS and a plan to locate it precisely is provided.


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