The Veronetta district opens its hidden gardens in one weekend

The fourth edition of Giardini Aperti a Veronetta and Beyond will be held on Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 May 2023, in Verona, Italy which allows visiting gardens and green spaces in the Veronetta district, not normally open to the public.
The visitor will be able to visit 28 gardens, 10 of which are open for the first time. This will be an opportunity for long walks on the hills and to discover new routes away from the traffic of the city. Each visitor will be able to choose where to start their visit by creating a tailor-made itinerary.

The choice of the gardens involved is thought out every year during the winter months and paying attention to the variety of the route, the value of the spaces chosen through site inspections and the collaboration of the citizens who have been called, on the Association’s social media, to report the gardens which they found interesting. The aim of the event is to make citizens and visitors aware of the theme of green spaces which have now finally been recognized as indispensable to our health and well-being. These can be private gardens, gardens of convents and monasteries and public parks, but also abandoned gardens and uncultivated spaces that could be transformed into gardens. The spaces to be visited also aim to introduce the visitor to some owners who can tell their great passion for plants and gardening.

This initiative, organized by the Giardini Aperti Verona association in collaboration with the Municipality of Verona, was created to help the public discover less iconic places in the city. It is important to see the constancy, over the years, of the participation of visitors to the Giardini Aperti initiative in Veronetta (almost 2,000 visitors in 2022, 30% more than in the previous edition).
Like last year, the gardens that can be visited will not only be within the walls that enclose the neighborhood but also in the hilly part of the Biondella neighborhood to the east and the Valdonega neighborhood to the west.
This is why the denomination AND BEYOND is associated with the title of the event. We will go beyond the walls, back towards the Colombare Park, the subject of an enhancement project of which Giardini Aperti Verona Aps is a partner, and towards Biondella. The Biondella area, still unknown to many, is adjacent to the Veronetta district but develops on the sinuous slopes that enter and exit the walls; in this area, there are enchanting villas and gardens. The name Biondella could derive from the golden wheat that was grown in this area or from the color of the stone characteristic of these places.

This year more than ever the initiative will be enriched by cultural events, it is possible to find about fifteen of them available at this link which will be accessible also through the QR code that will be found on the map that will be given to visitors.
Very important for this initiative is the participation of the restaurants, taverns, traders, cafes, and artisans of Veronetta, a district that has always been very lively and active, many people support the event with the promotion of this cultural weekend and there will be many who will keep their spaces open during the weekend to allow the visitors moments of pleasant refreshment.

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