Stories and inspiration from Plantarium

With barely one weeks to go, exhibitors and the Plantarium organisation are busy preparing for a successful trade fair for the 35th time. “All the ingredients for this have been coming together. Now we just need to arrange them in a creative way and Plantarium 2017 can start,” says trade fair manager Jos van Lint.
The programming and content of the trade fair offer visitors and exhibitors plenty of inspiration. Participants and suppliers have joined forces to create six Houses of Inspiration with appealing themes. The six houses have been given the following names: ‘Christmas’, ‘Roses’, ‘The Magical Experience’, ‘Specialties’, ‘Pleasure’ and ‘Theatre of Concepts’.
There are eight inspirational gardens to visit in the Greenpark hall. In each garden, designers and growers depict the stories of inspirational people, such as Walt Disney, Mozart, Joop Zoetemelk, Salvador Dali, Don Quixote, Nelson Mandela, Anne Frank and Annie M.G. Schmidt.

The designers and growers will be available every day to provide an explanation of the gardens. On the Varb Growers’ square, 10 growers will display their autumn collections during the professional days and everyone in Varb can see what products are available. This is expected to ensure a flying start to autumn trade. The boarding point for the shuttle service to GROEN-Direkt is also located in the Greenpark hall.
On Wednesday afternoon and evening, a networking event will take place for guests and participants from Plantarium and GROEN-Direkt. Cor Hospes will make a surprising appeal prior to the event. The winners of Plantarium 2017 will also be honoured during the evening.
On Friday, the KVBC is organising a speakers corner twice, during which three speakers will tell interesting stories involving novelties. On Saturday, Plantarium is open to the public and Grow & Bloom members are special guests.
Plantarium will be held from 23 to 26 August 2017 in the Plantarium building at the International Trade Centre Boskoop-Hazerswoude.


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