Ferrara and its secret gardens

Elegant renaissance palaces, medieval vegetable gardens concealed behind defensive walls, small oases full of flowers, calm and serenity, labyrinths of hedges, magnificent centuries-old trees, unexpected and surprising groves: Ferrara, a city in Italy’s Emilia-Romagna region, guards jealously, in the middle of its historical centre, a spectacular heritage of private gardens. A heritage which, thanks to the festival ‘Interno Verde’, once every year is exceptionally opened to the community. In 2018 city dwellers and tourists are invited to visit on Saturday 12th and on Sunday 13th May over sixty private gardens, gently opened by their owners, and discover the amazing ancient green soul of Ferrara. Interno Verde has gathered the willingness of dozens of families who, for a weekend, are going to open doors and gates to offer the visitors the chance to explore Ferrara in a unique way, by deeply understanding the past and the present identity of the city, capital of the Este House and protected by Unesco since 1995. Botanical, architectural and historical informations are going to be available in every garden but also online, in free download, at http://www.internoverde.it.

The program of Interno Verde also includes a lot of special events: boat trips along the Po river, artistic performances, photographic exhibitions, concerts, movies, workshop for adults and childrens. Enjoying the experience is easy: it’s possible to pre-register online or directly at the info point of the event, where the Interno Verde staff will be handing out to the visitors the map of the open gardens and the cotton bracelet that works as a ticket to enter the gardens. The registration is valid for two days. Moreover, a book in colour collecting the informations and the historical studies about the gardens – rich in photographs, ancient maps and images recovered in the attics and in the archives – will be given to all the people who pre-register their visit. The festival is ready to welcome as best as it can visitors from abroad. From the possibility to rent a bike to discounts on over-night stays, from lunches at an agreed price to guided tours with a specific green theme: Ilturco – which has created and organised this festival – has arranged a network of services and partnerships ad hoc in order to make this event even more welcoming and special.


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