Green future in the Netherlands

The theme for 2018  of the trade fair GrootGroenPlus in the Netherlands next October will be: The Future = Green. This theme clearly shows that the future is green and that professionals in the green industry will play an important role in that future. The 28th fall edition edition of trade fair GrootGroenPlus will be held in Zundert (NL) from the next 3rd to the 5th October 2018. In January, the first spring fair was even organised. The first results of this trade fair are very positive: both participants and visitors were enthusiastic and satisfied. That is why we decided to continue the development of the GrootGroenPlus Spring Fair for another three years, and host it at least until 2020.

Like previous years, it is possible to book special trade fair arrangements. These arrangements consist of two or three overnight stays in a four star hotel in the area of the trade fair, participation in the internal and external tours, and unlimited access to the trade fair itself. Early 2018, a group of twenty Russian trade visitors already booked an arrangement with tour. This year, another set of members will visit GrootGroenPlus. The organisation is founded by private tree nursery owners and represents 192 members, from 129 tree nurseries in 36 regions of the Russian federation, the Republic of Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine.
As ever, a lot of emphasis will be placed on PR. The 2018 edition includes activities on social media, which will now focus completely on international communication. That will attract more international participants and visitors. Last year, this approach proved to be very effective. Of course, all future promotion and communication will also include a lot of attention for 2018’s theme: The Future = Green. The free trade fair app will also be available soon. This will not just be available in English, but also in Dutch, French, and German. Later this year, the digital catalogue will be presented. This catalogue will also include the current offer and stock per participant profile. This plus is offered in cooperation with Varb (Stichting Beurshal) and is free to both participants and visitors.
Currently, 175 participants registered for the trade fair. This number is higher than it was around the same time last year. The current list of participants – and digital trade fair catalogue – can be found online and it is possible to register through the digital registration form on the website.
In 2018, Trade Fair GrootGroenPlus and the inspection committee of the KVBC also offers the possibility to present new plants as novelties for long-term inspection in Zundert. This registration form can also be found on the website. And another strong fact: the Road Show – a plant show of 20 to 25 recurring novelties – will also be part of 2018’s trade fair, as is the ceremony of the KVBC Awards.


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