Green and Landscape Festival in Rome

The 8th edition of the Green and Landscape Festival, from 18th to 20th May 2018, at Renzo Piano’s Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome, is rushing through the colors and smells of thousands of plants, a path stretching over a mile offers a taste of unconventional thinking for urban green. A stage for the best Italian nurseries, gardens, selected landscape architects, design and outdoor furniture. Visitors will indulge in unusual and creative gardens, discover gardening and horticulture tips and receive tailored advice on their outdoor space, while children learn the secrets of nature with games and themed workshops.

More than 20.000 visitors queue for the Festival each year, attracted to its unique combination of science, art and culture, looking for solutions that bring together quality design, innovation and research. With music, contemporary art and cultural experiment, the Festival is Italy’s must-go for botanical experts, landscape architects, urban planners and enthusiasts. Today’s conception of wellbeing and health is intimately woven into nature. As urbanization grows, so does the need for daily access to green spaces. The Festival grows from this idea, branching out to the latest solutions that transfigure big cities into living environments. Visitors will discover avant-garde technology, sustainable strategies and a greener way of living. They will meet design, nursery gardening, interior decoration, mobility, materials, technology, food, tourism. While disseminating ecological awareness, the Festival strives to meet the increasing demands of the public, and to exceed them. Experimentation, culture, nature, sharing, interaction: these are the words that every year inspire the original and innovative landscape set up of the Festival. The Festival sustains, encourages and promotes qualitative, economic and social value of landscape, cultural and natural heritage, urban green areas to improve the quality of life nurseries of excellence sustainable way of life involving local community, preservation of environment and biodiversity, new technologies to optimize natural resources, job opportunities in design and green spaces maintenance, made in Italy outdoor design furniture companies. Important competitions are juried by names of the cultural, economic, professional and academic world. Avventure creative (Creative adventures) has taken an increasingly significance both for young and for well-known landscapers. Every group, possibly interdisciplinary, is called to construe the given theme, by making a small garden. The best garden will be awarded by the Festival. Balconi per Roma ‘Balconies for Rome’ is dedicated to the designers under 30 years old, this contest has been conceived as a challenge to work in a difficult daily space, such as a balcony. The jury selects the 10 most innovative and experimental proposals.


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