Natural beauty of Allure collection

The exclusive Allure range from Elho is aptly named. It’s hard not to be seduced by the natural beauty of these stunning pots and planters. The striking combination of plastics and FSC wood fibres creates a soft look and natural stone texture, with all the ease and convenience of durable and recyclable plastic. And the entire Allure range can be used indoors and outdoors – the best of both worlds. The timeless classical shape of the Allure Doppio Square brings something special to any home, garden, terrace or balcony. Use the Allure Doppio Square Terrace as an attractive divider for creating zones in outdoor spaces or indoor rooms.

The Allure Soft is equally seductive, with gentle lines and the same natural look. The warm feel works just as well beside a garden lounger or next to the couch. When summer is over, it’s easy to move Allure pots and planters indoors, to protect your precious specimen plants from harsh winter frosts. But severe frosts aren’t a problem for Allure. These tough pots are designed to withstand temperatures down to -40oC.  Made from unbreakable, high-grade plastic, the Allure range is practical as well as stylish. They are UV resistant and retain their rich natural colours in full sunlight. New shapes and sizes of the Allure Ribbon have been introduced for 2018, making this stunning collection even more varied and versatile. Mix and match different sizes and shapes of Allure pots and planters to create an eye-catching display and transform a dull corner of your home or garden into your favourite spot.


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