Kaleidoscope of tulips at historical park

A real must for the month of april is the wonderful castle of Pralormo in Italy, with its historical park full of tulips, over 90.000 of them in fact, all flowering together to announce the arrival of spring: the event is called Mister Tulip. In the 19th edition from march 31th till may the 1st, Tulips bloom in the historical park which was the project of royal architect Xavier Kurten, the alleys of the historical park cross large coloured fields and an ancient path brings the visitors to discover the rarest and most extraordinary tulips’ varieties: Parrot tulips, Fringed and Double, the rounded, cup-shaped flower Triumph, the spidery petalled T.acuminata, Viridiflora, Rembrandt tulips with their striped flashing colours and the needle-pointed Lily-flower, perfumed tulips, the amazing latest news cultivar selected, collections of black tulips and a brand new tulip that Dutch tulip growers have specially dedicated to Torino. Walking through tulips-fields in the English garden of Pralormo in the scent of roses, lilacs and peonies disclose the coloured fascinating world of tulip turn a relaxing country day into an unforgettable experience.

Every year the exhibition offers new theme. The collateral theme of the 19th edition of Messer Tulipano is “The park is colored in pink’ and especially the rose will be the protagonist. The rose, flower and color has always been a source of inspiration in art, literature and design and in fashion. Colorful paths shaded by curious bamboo umbrellas, various flower beds forms contribute to create a romantic atmosphere that contrasts deliberately with the severity of the Castle. The Pralormo castle is located in the heart of Piedmont, surrounded by a gently hilly rural landscape with spectacular mountain view of Alps, from Monviso to Monte Rosa. Built during the Middle Age, the castle was transformed over the centuries into a pleasant mansion. At the time Count Carlo Beraudo di Pralormo, ambassador and minister appointed by king Carlo Alberto. He entrusted the park to Xavier Kurten, german landscape gardener who transformed it according to the new English style. Kurten planned the sumptuous garden as a “Path of Delight” filled with eye-catchers, landscape perspectives enhancing the stunning mountain scenery by knowingly sculpting the trees, and picturesque planting, selecting trees with captivating foliage, flowers and fragrance over the different seasons. The project of the English style park was completed and has been well preserved, except for a few changes due to trends emerging at the end of XIX century. Mister Tulip includes lots of interesting and entertaining features such as guided walks and conversations, tastings, events, botanical workshops, children’s games and cookery courses.



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