Outdoor design at the Salone del Mobile

The unmissable appointment for the sector at international level, the Salone del Mobile in Milan, the showcase for creativity, innovation and quality par excellence, opens again his doors from 17th to 22nd April. The 57th edition reprises the founding values of the event and its powerful links with Milan. President of the Salone del Mobile Claudio Luti had this to say: “When you look at the thousands of people streaming through the pavilions each day, it’s easy to understand why the Salone del Mobile is not just a simple trade fair but a global experience and an emotion that attracts companies, creatives, communicators and professionals from all over the world.”

The spotlight is now on an edition that strives to bring the focus back on the centrality of the very special relationship between extensive enterprise, city, region, communication network and culture that has grown up around the Salone del Mobile. An edition that resounds with a stronger than ever call for all the actors involved to further its preservation, help it grow and propel it into a global future. This is the only way it can maintain its centrality in the global panoply of events devoted to furnishing and design.
5 events are taking place simultaneously, featuring 1.841 exhibitors: the Salone Internazionale del Mobile, the International Furnishing Accessories Exhibition, EuroCucina, the International Bathroom Exhibition and SaloneSatellite. The Salone Internazionale del Mobile and the International Furnishing Accessories Exhibition showcase a huge, varied range of styles, featuring increasingly sophisticated, fluid and almost sartorial products, geared to respond to the individual requirements of every client. What all these pieces have in common is always and remains innovation, research and quality. Among the numerous exhibitors several companies propose different outdoor solutions, from armchairs, sofas, chairs to lamps and umbrellas.





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