2018 International Garden Festival Awards at Chaumont-sur-Loire

Emblematic natural space entirely dedicated to creation, imagination, poetry and nature, where art dialogue with history and the memory of places, the Regional Domain of Chaumont sur Loire is now, with the International Garden Festival, a must-attend event for the presentation of the work of a new generation of landscape designers, scenographers and gardeners. Each year, the International Garden Festival is a panorama of landscape creation in the world. In 27 seasons, more than 700 gardens have been created, prototypes of the gardens of tomorrow. At the same time a mine of ideas and a nursery of talents, the festival revitalizes the art of gardens. The 27th edition, under the theme “Gardens of Thought”, allowed teams of designers from all over the world to compete with imagination, inventiveness and daring. The diversity, the creativity and the quality of the projects are crowned, for the fifth time since the creation of the International Garden Festival, by awarding four prizes.

With the award of these prizes, the Domaine de Chaumont sur Loire is proud to be able to support in their careers teams of designers often young and always talented, thus remaining faithful to one of the essential values ​​of the festival: the discovery new great creators of tomorrow. The jury, composed of artists, landscape architects, journalists, art critics, nurserymen and gardeners, account of all aspects of each garden, inventiveness, quality and plant harmony, and the opportunity offered to the general public to to realize himself such a garden. The “Prize of Creation” rewards the magnificent work of the team of American designers of the garden “Into the woods” composed Phoebe Lickwar, Matthew Donham, Hannah Moll, and Andersen Woof, who responded perfectly to the theme of the festival: a garden of great visual and conceptual efficiency, at the same time innovative and remarkably vegetated with a garden evoking The universe of Borges. The “Design and Innovative Ideas Prize” rewards “The Sand Garden” resulting from the work of the two collectives “Moonwalklocal” and “Landscapers without borders” who have created a singular and contemporary garden of great visual efficiency exclusively composed of dune and sand plants. The prize “Palette and plant harmony” rewards the garden “Enter the pensine”, very nice work of the team of designers composed of Bérengère Lecat and Stéphane Larcin, who knew how to achieve with harmony and subtlety, a garden composed of an exceptional diversity of plants for a walk that combines discovery and wonder, evoking the universe of Harry Potter. The “Transposable Garden” prize rewards the work of the team of garden designers “Dans ma bulle”, invented by Delphine Esterlingot and Hervé Paillot, whose visitors can take inspiration to create or sublimate their own garden. The jury also awarded a “favorite” to the garden “The possibility of an island” created by the german designer Ulli Heckmann in reference to the novel “The Possibility of an Island” by Michel Houellebecq.




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