« Flowers to live by » as 2019 Floralies theme in Nantes

Prestigious ornamental and vegetal show, amongst the most popular in Europe, the twelfth edition of the International Floralies – Nantes will be taking place from May 8th to 19th in 2019. This newest edition will be rich in terms of colors, landscapes and botanical discoveries. Major event in Western France and internationally renowned, the Floralies – Nantes event takes place every five years in the La Beaujoire Exhibition Park and attracts several hundreds of thousands of people, making it a long-awaited event.

After the success of « Art Bouquets » in 2014, the whole ornamental design of the event will have « Flowers to live by » as a theme in 2019. Inspired by a quote from French philosopher Montaigne, « If life is nothing more than a passage, let’s at least sow flowers along it », different ambiances and variations of the theme will be presented all throughout the indoor and outdoor of the park and its beautiful and green surroundings.
“Flowers to live by” illustrates a poetic representation of flowers accompanying mankind throughout the big stages of life. This theme focuses on pureness, simplicity and raw feelings. That is the reason why “Flowers to live by” is meant to be a unifying theme, gathering all actors – exhibitors, partners & visitors -together. The theme will be divided into seven ambiances presented all throughout the indoor and outdoor areas of the park, giving the visitor a sense of change of scenery, enchantment and wonder. The first edition of the International Floralies took place in 1956 and the Floralies Committee is a founding member of the Association of International Floralies. The Committee takes part in numerous French and international events: Taipei Floralies, Genoa Euroflora, Bourg-en-Bresse Floralie, etc. The Floralies Committee is currently going through applications of ornamental exhibitors. Professionals and amateurs are invited to consult the 2019 scenography or submit their application form on the Floralies Committee Extranet (www.comite-des-floralies.com/eng/extranet).



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