Gardens of Cinema for the 2019 Festival de Xardíns de Allariz

Allariz International Garden Festival takes place in Allariz, on the banks of the Arnoia river, between the Nogueiras family tannery and Ferradal park. From May to October, landscaping and gardening are in the air in Allariz every year. Over these last nine years, the Judging Panel has received 225 projects, from 27 countries. This has consolidated a singular initiative, which attracts visitors in their thousands, with numbers growing each year. The theme of the next edition will be “Gardens of Cinema”, and the deadline for project submissions is 30 November. Peter Pan, Mary Poppins or Asterix and Obelix are some of the inspirational protagonists of the designs that will participate in the Festival competition.


The priority objective set by Allariz Town Council for the International Gardens Festival is to encourage and raise awareness of garden art and the importance of the role of green spaces for improving quality of life for local residents. This project contributes towards bringing flowers, plants and art to urban areas, as well as preserving and highlighting the value of the rural environment. In the case of Allariz, this is reflected in the landscape, in keeping with the area’s status as a Biosphere Reserve under the UNESCO Man and the Biosphere Programme. The Festival is a green puzzle that keeps a permanent structural framework during the year and replaces, each spring, twelve spaces reserved for the creativity and innovation of landscape gardeners from all over the world.


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