Experiences on the Dutch Golden Age at Royal Delft

The exhibition Glorious Delft Blue was opened at Royal Delft at the end of January in the Netherlands. This exhibition is part of the international theme year Rembrandt & the Dutch Golden Age. In the exhibition Royal Delft presents the grandeur from the period in all its glory. Step into the Golden Age and experience the grandeur through tales, iconic pieces and beautiful images. Delft Blue is the symbol of the Dutch Golden Age in the 17th century. The Dutch Golden Age was a period in which one’s status was visible through houses, clothes and art. Wealthy families throughout the country had portraits of themselves made in their best outfits and with their most prized possessions. Regularly, these portraits and paintings featured Delft Blue earthenware.

In five themes as trade & new flavours, interior, tulipmania, portraits and fashion, the relationship is portrayed between the Golden Age and contemporary showpieces and trends. They will experience the grandeur from the period in all its glory through tales, iconic pieces and beautiful images. In the exhibition masterpieces of Royal Delft, like the Tulipvase and the “Nightwatch” of Rembrandt van Rijn in Delfts Blue, are highlighted and within the different themes there is a cooperation with designers like interior designer Ruben van Megen or Meisterwerke of Isabelle Torrelle and Christian Otto, designers who share a love of art and textiles, portraits  of Marie Cecile Thijs and fashion from Tess van Zalinge. At the same time Bart Siemerink, director of the tulip park Keukenhof and Henk Schouten, CEO of Royal Delft have planted the first bulbs in the historic garden of Royal Delft for the Glorious Delft Blue exhibition. Collaboration with the Keukenhof focuses on the theme of Keukenhof “Flower Power” and the tulipmania of the 17th century. The garden is partially planted with tulips and other bulbous plants that refer to the introduction of bulbous plants in the Netherlands by Dirck Cluyt in the 17th century. The tulips that are planted in the garden of Royal Delft are linked to the Glorious Delft Blue exhibition. By planting the bulbs together with Bart Siemerink from Keukenhof, the relationship between the two iconic Dutch companies is confirmed and in the spring, the garden of Royal Delft will be in full bloom.




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