Call Female Land Artists on Prosecco hills

Bortolomiol, a luxury winery of historical origin, offers an artist-in-residence within its own production establishment, on the suggestive hills of Prosecco Superiore, Veneto Region, Italy. The residency project has the objective to valorise the Filandetta Park, a beautiful nature reserve owned by the company and soon to be opened to the public, in which there is an organic vineyard, the winery, a stony amphitheatre in Greek style, the testing room in a spinning mill from the early 1900s, restored according to the canons of industrial archeology. The residency is in synergy with a larger project, strongly desired by the Bortolomiol Family, which regenerates a part of the historic center of Valdobbiadene.

Founded by Bartolomeo Bortolomiol in 1760, today the winery boasts a completely female management (the firm is led by 4 sisters: Maria Elena, Elvira, Luisa and Giuliana), and it is exactly the female contribution that we want to enhance with the Female Land Artists Wanted project created by Current, a start-up specialized in curating and developing unconventional artistic projects.The Bortolomiol winery is located in the territory of Valdobbiadene (Veneto, Italy): an anthropic landscape of exceptional beauty, famous as a place of origin of the Prosecco wine. The hills of Valdobbiadene are about to enter the UNESCO World Heritage Sites: a productive and authentic place, shaped by the wisdom of man and rich in natural, sensory and spiritual stimuli. From the responsibility of being a leading company in the field of Prosecco Superiore and in accordance with a constantly developing project for an environmentally sustainable agriculture, Bortolomiol proposes techniques of organic cultivation and reduction of water use, a precious resource. The residence will last about 20 days and will cover the period between the second half of May 2019 and the first two weeks of June 2019 . The task of the selected artist will be to produce, in this period, a land art intervention to enhance the Filandetta Park, in the light of the environmental stimuli of the context. The selection will tend to favour Land Art artworks, but it will evaluate also other proposals belonging to other artistic media, if these proposals are capable of valuing the cultural, natural and feminine context in which the park is included. At the end of the project, the work created by the artist will become part of the private collection of the Bortolomiol Winery, within the exclusive setting of the Filandetta Park. Until the 30th of April 2019 it’s possible to send the candidacy, exclusively by email. For more information, contact the curators:


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