Chaumont-sur-Loire: a garden paradise in the Loire Valley

Once again in 2019, from 25th April to 03rd november, the Chaumont-sur-Loire International Garden Festival is playing its role as a laboratory with remarkable innovations. The jury of the 28th International Garden Festival has selected 24 international teams, adding to the six special guests who were given a green card for the 2019 edition, which brings the number of new gardens in this paradise-themed edition to 30. The theme of the 28th edition of the Chaumont-sur-Loire International Garden Festival is “Gardens of Paradise”. “Pairidaēza” means “garden” in Persian, a place of felicity where people enjoy unalloyed happiness and miraculous equilibrium, the garden is a space of dreams and of forgetting reality. The competitors of the 2019 edition have offered a contemporary vision of this paradise, successfully combining a utopian vision of this dream other place with modern-day inventions, in terms of both materials and plants.

The Domain of Chaumont-sur-Loire in the heart of the Loire Valley UNESCO World Heritage site’s cultural landscapes, in France, is an Arts and Nature Centre since 2008, its ambitious programming has made it an unmissable rendezvous for art and garden lovers alike. Its threefold identity – as architectural heritage and a centre for fine arts and the art of the garden – distinguishes it from its fellow Loire châteaux. Open 363 days a year, the Domain is bursting with life whatever the season. Its year revolves around three major events: the Art Season and the International Garden Festival in the spring and summer, and the Chaumont-Photo-sur-Loire photography exhibitions in the autumn and winter. Certain features are temporary while others are permanent. Although it reinvents itself every year with nearly thirty temporary gardens designed for the International Garden Festival,  the Domain of Chaumont-sur-Loire is also committed to long-term development with enduring projects in the Prés du Goualoup in particular. This edition will be a highly international affair with teams from the United States, Japan, Korea, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium and Vietnam. The inherent multidisciplinary nature of the event will be further reinforced, as it will bring new professions to the forefront alongside the landscapers and gardeners, including film set designers, theatre set designers, actors, a plant biochemist, an agri-food engineer and even a jeweller. Numerous new features will appear in 2019 alongside the International Garden Festival. Two new events, When flowers are an art form… and The Botanical Species of Chaumont-sur-Loire, are planned for this year as well as a whole host of new projects and developments enriching the grounds and life of the Domain.


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