Outdoor furniture for the new season

As one of the first brands to consider the garden the fifth room in the house, EMU has always been characterised by its range of cross-cutting and multi-functional products which make it possible allow for fully enjoying outdoor spaces with the same level of comfort and elegance of indoor rooms. EMU, for 2019, presents many outdoor innovations. The new collections are characterized by a distinctive and cutting-edge trait and by the ability to adjust to the many needs of the customers, thanks to the skilful combination of design, innovation, manufacturing skill and high quality standards. The already wide range of company products this year also includes modular systems for relax seats, a versatile range of tables, which create exclusive atmospheres.

For the new season EMU is introducing the relax seat system called Tami, by Patrick Norguet, designed for many purposes. The base consists of a platform with an aluminium structure and Bamboo WPC staves, an innovative eco-friendly material, totally recyclable, intended for outdoor uses. The distinctive trait of Tami is its ability to adjust to the various situations with simple gestures, thanks to its modular base: by adding armrests and backrests you have relax seats, without all these elements the result if a practical and informal multifunctional surface. The collection of steel seats called Riviera, designed by Lucidi/Pevere, is characterised by minimalist and refined graphic traits; a retro inspiration with a contemporary due to the use of modern materials and processing techniques. Thanks to their thin and threadlike design, these seats can be perfectly integrated in space, resulting in stylish customised outdoor areas. The steel collections designed by Florent Coirier for EMU are minimalist in style but with great personality: Miky is a restyling of bistro chairs from a modern perspective, using straight and clear-cut lines and generous shapes; Mom, instead, is lively and colourful, with a soft and cosy structure. Strong and stackable, Miky and Mom are intended for trendy and dynamic furnishing, effortlessly adjusting to a variety of possible uses.


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