A multilingual guide through more than 50 Swiss edens

Switzerland has many of the world’s finest gardens. British garden expert Hester Macdonald features fifty of them in her new book Gardens Schweiz / Suisse / Switzerland, the first multilingual guide to Swiss gardens. From the delicate alpine gardens of Schynige Platte in the Bernese Oberland, to the island paradise of Isole di Brissago on Lago Maggiore, no country of comparable size can compete with the sheer diversity of Swiss gardens.

From Zurich’s industrial MFO Park, Fondation Beyeler garden, Zurich botanical garden to the formal Château de Gruyères to Geneva’s otherworldly Le Jardin d’Amandolier, Switzerland’s garden-makers are masters of inventive design and planting. And they are also extremely generous: the best are open to the public, often at no charge. British garden expert and radio host Hester Macdonald, a long-time resident of the Geneva area, features fifty of the best in her new book Gardens Schweiz / Suisse / Switzerland. In addition to more than a hundred lush photographs by some of Switzerland’s best plant photographers, and descriptions in English, German and French, the book features visitor information on all fifty gardens, as well as short essays on many of Switzerland’s gardening curiosities.



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