‘Posed Life’ reopens the dialogue between art and photography in Treviso city

In the splendid complex of the Museum of Santa Caterina, the city of Treviso, Venice area, Italy, reopens “Natura in Posa” (Posed Life), an exhibition that represents a journey to discover the genre of still life, through over fifty masterpieces from the collection of the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna, for the most part, unpublished to the public, in dialogue with contemporary photography. Because of the Covid19 pandemic the exhibition is rescheduled from June 2nd, 2020 to September 27th, 2020, at the Santa Caterina Complex, in total safety, with in addition a path that, through a series of panels, connects some works of art belonging to the collections of the civic museums.

The unique exhibition documents how this subject developed between the end of the 16th century and throughout the 17th century at a European level, in a dialogue at the end of the path with contemporary photography. ‘Natura in Posa’ exhibits Italian and Northern European paintings, with an exhibition and comparative purpose: the goal is to show the public Venetian masterpieces, such as the still lifes of Bassano and Pozzoferrato, comparing them with Flemish works, such as Brueghel, Claesz, Weenix, in which still life abandons the function of mere reproduction of reality, passive and static, and rises to the state of the art, in which a fine symbolism penetrates, of which the concept of vanitas is perhaps the highest apex. The exhibition is divided into seven sections: markets, interiors, laid tables, vanitas, hunting, flowers, and completed by a selection, dedicated to contemporary photography which proves how the Still Life theme is currently present in the shots of some of the most prominent photographers at the international level. The part dedicated to contemporary photography sees big names in the sector, such as LaChapelle, Parr, Mapplethorpe, Araki, Vimercati, and Op de Beeck.



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