‘A year in my garden’ book by plantswoman Jacqueline van der Kloet

Published by Hélène Lesger Books, Amsterdam, the exceptional book by Jacqueline van der Kloet immerses the readers in the world of gardens and plants. Jacqueline van de Kloet is a Dutch garden and landscape designer with a vast knowledge of plants and plant combinations, especially the association of perennials and bulbs. This is the tenth book written in 25 years of planting experience and Jacqueline takes the readers on a tour of the garden in twelve chapters from September to August and shows what makes a garden special and beautiful, month after month. She explains what has to be done throughout the year, shows us her favorite plants, depending on the colors, structures, or coloured leaves.

Jacqueline describes enthusiastically about her life as a garden and landscape designer and about her own little piece of paradise in Weesp. The many photos are a source of inspiration and bear witness to this plantswoman’s love for everything that blossoms and flourishes. The twelve recurring fixed views read as a visual narrative showing how the garden develops throughout the year. A the same time she gives a glimpse into her many national and international projects. This specialism leads to regular requests for her to work on major projects at home and abroad, such as the bulb plantings for the Battery in New York, for Lurie Garden in Chicago, projects in Yokohama and Nagasaki. At the moment she is also working on renovating the bulb plantings at Clumber Park. The Theetuin in Weesp, her own garden and testing ground for her many projects, is open to the public and is one of the most visited gardens in the Netherlands.





  1. I’ve heard Jacqueline speak on three separate occasions here in the states, and dined with her. Her passion of plants is infectious and her design and planting techniques beyond unique, down to her nursery on an old rampart of Amsterdam. The next best thing to being in her gardens is reading her books!


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