The theme of GrootGroenPlus international nursery trade fair 2022: Grounded

The 32nd edition of the nursery stock trade fair GrootGroenPlus will be hosted in Zundert, in the Netherlands, and scheduled for three days from 5 to 7 October 2022. More than 225 exhibitors will welcome thousands of representatives from all over the world: governments, institutions, housing corporations, project developers, architects, retail, landscapers, garden centers, gardeners, public green professionals, tree nurseries, and national and international traders. The trade fair is a ‘must be and must see’ at the start of the new trading season, showing novelties and innovations. The theme of the 32nd edition is ‘Grounded’ and suits the industry and trade fair in numerous ways.

The attention to the important advantages that the industry has the offer is increasing, for example when it comes to greening, climate issues, and also financially. That is why it is essential that the tree nursery industry is grounded. That the industry works from a steady foundation, its own power, and a solid base.

That starts with the soil. The soil, the ground, is the basis for everything: living soil, rich soil, healthy soil. It is the basis of our cultivation. Limitations on for example crop protection and the use of water and land can really put that basis to the test. However, thanks to solid grounding, the industry always knows how to navigate this.

Ground and grounding are also very important to the nursery products. A plant can only grow in healthy soil, consisting of a quality that supports the growth of crops. If one continues to find out which raw materials can be used in a mixture, and if its influence on the quality of the plants is continuously researched. This can apply to for example potting soil, (organic) fertilizers, and plant invigorators. They can all contribute to a steady foundation. Of the plant, but also of the industry.

Not just the crops are well-grounded; that statement also applies to the growers in multiple regions. Many of them have been growing their crops in one location for generations. They are attached to their soil, they know how to get the most out of it, and in order to do that, they use both traditional techniques and the latest developments. They choose soil-bound cultivations for a reason.

Trade fair participants are challenged to show their soil and to check the differences, the advantages, and the disadvantages. This will include a competition: ‘Good Soil’. Visitors will find a laboratory unit alongside the walking routes, which is part of this competition. Participants can submit soil to show why their products bloom best in a specific type of soil. Of course, this does not only lead to interesting insights and sharing of knowledge, but also to additional PR attention for all green and non-green participants.


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