Prize ceremony for the 6th International Rose competition in Monaco awarded Meilland-Richardier roses

During summer 2022, the Public Prize was awarded as part of the 6th Monaco International Rose Competition, at the sumptuous Princess Grace Rose Garden in the Principality of Monaco and it was Black PERFUMELLA® Meizhoro, from the MEILLAND company, that was victorious in the “Hybrid Tea” category, standing out from the rest.

Michèle Richardier, the breeder and Meilland International, were presented with the Special Public Choice Award at a ceremony and attended by Céline Caron-Dagioni, Minister of Public Works, the Environment and Urban Development, Yves Piaget, President of the Friends of the Princess Grace Rose Garden Association, and Jean-Luc Puyo, Director of Urban Amenities.

From May to frost and on a regular basis, this rosebush produces beautiful, large roses with 70 petals that unfold with refinement around a high-pointed head. The color that dresses them, both rich and deep, is a magnificent purplish garnet red, velvety and slightly iridescent, which seems almost black. It is their intense and captivating fragrance, with notes of May rose nuanced with fruity fragrances, which makes the Black PERFUMELLA® Meizhoro roses special.

This event undeniably shows the importance of perfume in the world of roses. This is an opportunity to highlight the full diversity of the PERFUMELLA® range from Meilland. This exceptional range includes around fifty varieties, each equally fragrant, ranging from delicate fragrances of ‘rose de mai’ to more intense notes of citrus. Their good vase life makes them ideal for designing fragrant bouquets in any season.

‘The world of roses is incredibly diverse, said Matthias Meilland ‘as much by the shapes of the bushes, flowers and foliage as by the color that the petals offer us. Single, double or even a hundred petalled flowers. From Gigantea creeper roses to miniature roses. From creeping roses over several meters to erect roses throwing their canes skyward, like offerings to the gods. But this visual diversity hides an extraordinary sensory palette that all rose connoisseurs know how to appreciate: the fragrance.’

Black PERFUMELLA® Meizhoro
Shape: turbine
Colour: dark purplish red Fragrance: powerful, May rose, fruity Durability: good
Height: 80/10cm


Flower form: romantic
Colour: Neyron pink
Fragrance: powerful, May rose Durability: good
Height: 70/80cm

LINE RENAUD® Meiclusif
Flower form: romantic
Color: Indian pink
Scent: powerful, citral rosé, lemon verbena, raspberry/apricot Durability: excellent
Height: 80 / 150cm

Flower Shape: turbine
Colour: velvet red purple iridescent crimson Fragrance: powerful, May rose, lemony note Resistance: good
Height: 80/90cm

Two exceptionally fragrant new roses coming soon:

Flower form: romantic
Color: dark pink
Scent: fruity, notes of mango Resistance: good
Height: 60/70cm

Flower form: romantic
Colour: pink, salmon heart Fragrance: very powerful, floral Durability: excellent
Height: 50/60cm


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