Favourite Plants at GrootGroenPlus

During the 26th edition of trade show GrootGroenPlus, the theme was ‘My Favourite Plant!’ This proved to be such a versatile theme, that it has been extended for a year: a theme focused on assortment and sharing knowledge. Participants were given the opportunity to indicate what their favourite plant was and why. On top of that, there were many opportunities to share knowledge, for example through the library.

This library included books that were written by and for growers. The 26th trade fair edition was very interactive, and the visitors, press, and participants really liked this. It emphasised that professionals in the industry know a lot and therefore can share a lot of knowledge and learn from each other. This is an excellent reason for diving deeper into this theme in 2017.

Emphasis will once again be placed on attracting more international trade visitors. For them, but also for other interested parties, the special arrangements will be made available once again. This time, we will focus more on tailor made group travels. Special attention will also be paid to the gardener/garden contractor, for example through showing more applications of the favourite plants at the trade fair.

Other aspects that can be expected in 2017 are an expansion of and more central place for the library, to improve the development and sharing of knowledge. Of course, GGP wants to preserve the hospitable, friendly atmosphere at the trade fair. Partnerships with gardener associations, partners, and national and international media will be continued.

It is important to know that the list of participants with all company profiles has been uploaded to the website a while ago, and that this information is now also included in the GGP 2017 app. If it is installed the app on phone earlier, it will be updated automatically or is possible to download it from the stores.

GrootGroenPlus 2017 will be held from 4 to 6 October in Zundert and it is possible to register via the digital registration form on the website http://www.grootgroenplus.nl.


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